Monday, September 20, 2010

OPI Swiss Collection

The latest OPI collection has gotten lots and lots of positive press. I really liked the concept and the color choices. I ended up buying two: Luzerne-tanly Look Marvelous and Ski Teal We Drop.

Luzerne-tanly Look Marvelous (everyone seems to hate that name, and with good reason if you're blogging about it - it's awful to spell out) has been on my toes for ages. I put it on almost immediately after I got it, to cover up a fresh pedicure I wasn't fond of. I definitely see the green tint to the pewter, which I love. It's quite pretty.

(I had been wanting Suzi Skis in the suede finish but had not picked it up. Luzerne is even better IMO - glad to have this polish instead.)

Ski Teal We Drop
is of course a departure for me, but a welcome one. Teal is one of those colors I've loved all my life. When blue and green combine on the color spectrum, well, color me happy. I just hadn't seen a teal nail polish that really spoke to me, except for the gorgeous and luxe Rescue Beauty Lounge version, of course. (My significant other thinks my burgeoning nail polish collection is silly enough as it is...if he found out about RBL's prices he'd be speechless!)

I was thrilled to see comparison pics with RBL Teal...I might even prefer the OPI version, which has been described as just a tiny bit lighter than the RBL. This is plenty dark as it is - what I like about it is how rich it is without being mistaken for black.

So, teal is the official color for Ovarian Cancer Awareness, and September happens to be the official Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. I recently stumbled across the website Teal Toes, which asks women to paint their toenails teal to raise awareness of ovarian cancer. Teal is considered an unusual color in nail polish (maybe not for polish bloggers, but for most folks!) and so if someone asks you about your choice in polish shade, you can mention that teal is the awareness color.

I am proud to be able to oblige by using my new OPI shade.

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