Friday, October 8, 2010

Moon gazing

Following up on my Lunar Plains post, I thought I would do a comparison between two moon themed polishes I have.

Here we have two OPI polishes. Moon Over Mumbai on the left and Give Me The Moon on the right. So far, they look pretty (make that very?) similar.

OK, from this angle, you can see a bit of blue shimmer going on in Give Me The Moon on the right. Just the slightest hint.

Oh, THERE it is. From this angle the blue shimmer is much more visible. This is a lot more like how they are on the nail. With Give Me The Moon, the blue shimmer sort of overpowers the subtle grey color of the polish. I ended up not liking this polish when I applied it, because of this.

I definitely prefer Moon Over Mumbai. If you love blue, you might prefer Give Me The Moon.

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