Monday, June 14, 2010

boredom is the mother of invention.

(or something like that)

At times, I have this weirdo memory that holds onto the most useless facts, tidbits, and (particularly vexing), product information.

For instance, I've never forgotten reading in a beauty magazine (Allure?) at least four or five years ago (and maybe much longer than that) about the splendid combination of NARS polishes that is Pussy Galore topped with Arabesque.

See, wouldn't that be pretty? Or at least rather interesting to try?

Alas, NARS polishes are $16 each, which makes trying that out a $32 whim. A little pricey.

So, while trying to decide what shade to apply next, I attempted instead a frugal little DIY with some polishes I already had on hand.

For my wannabe manicure, I used:

*one coat of Lippmann Collection Constant Craving
*one coat of China Glaze Good Witch?
*three coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Strobe Light

with Seche Rebuild as base and Vite for top.

The verdict? It's very, very, very pink. And the Sally Hansen is holo which is a little distracting from the look I was going for. But it's certainly fun, and perfectly summery.

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